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Managing Director: Sarah Keen

IT & Publishing Consultancy

IT & Publishing Consultancy

sarahNet Ltd

One of the best pieces of business advice I ever had was from my hairdresser Rob who once worked in Bedford Square, Southampton. ‘Sarah,’ he would say, whilst whittling my hair into a precise bob with his sharpest scissors, ‘When you set up your own business, use your own name. That way if you ever want to change the company’s direction you won’t need to restart the business from scratch.’ He was right.

When I set up sarahNet in 2004 after 6 years working as a freelance IT contractor, I envisaged providing data services to the public sector for some years to come. At that time, sarahNet Ltd offered local & wide area network set ups, server and email installations, websites, data governance and courses in Microsoft Office or similar.

The 2008 financial crash put paid to that. Dear reader, things were tough as the economic landscape changed overnight. When I had experienced contractors phoning to ask whether I could offer them work, I realised I had to take the business in a new direction. After completing an MA in Creative and Critical Writing - I used my IT skills to create Enchanted England.

sarahNet Ltd has grown with this decision and offers you a wealth of experienced, expert design skills in publishing books, websites, social media, illustrating and friendly copy writing services.

Please get in touch here if you require help with producing your projects.

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